The Amazing Herbal Refreshment

Just like the cool beverages, wine or coffee, tea also can be blended to different tastes. There are combinations of lime, mint, ginger and many other herbal ingredients mixed to enhance the flavor of the tea. Whether it is an iced or hot tea, a strong tea can just calm down the hassles of a tiring day. It is a known fact that tea can improve the skin and keep you fit. But there are a lot more benefits that a cup of tea brings to our health. Look for some important types of tea and the buying guide at The new scientific research focus on the amazing features of tea leaves and gives a little cooking aspects of tea.

Let us dive into some interesting studies on tea leaves. Research shows that tea drastically lowers the cholesterol. Higher consumption of tea leads to fast metabolic activity, breaking the fat deposits in the body. Another not-so-common belief is that the rich antioxidants present in tea are perfect supplements for eyes. It prevents blindness associated with cataract. A few studies suggest that tea significantly reduces the cortisol levels in the body. Cortisol, the stress hormone can lead to belly fat and promote aging. You should never miss making a trial with this! Regular intake of tea for 6 weeks will give marvelous results on reducing stress.

Tea has great anti-inflammatory properties. When you are under stress and depression, you are susceptible to many diseases. Inflammation retains water in the body, leaving you more puffy looks. A cup of tea can protect you from inflammatory disorders and cardiac ailments. Tea enhances the mood. It has positive effects on memory and concentration. Extensive studies have shown that the amino acid in the tea has better effects on the nervous system, leading to sharp memory and focus.

Tea reduces the allergic response to many pollutants. This is good news for hypersensitive individuals too. The naturally occurring flavonol quercetin prevents the histamine release within the body. With a few drops of honey within the tea, the effect gets doubled! Strangely, the habit of tea consumption decreases the incidence of stroke. The blood sugar regulation pathway is significantly regulated by tea, and hence it reduces diabetes too. Moreover, dementia which is associated with diabetes is well controlled by tea as it acts on the synaptic cleft of the nerves to the brain.

In short, tea has an overall activity on every part of the body. This stimulant drink is good for skin and body too. However, for best results, follow a calorie-free and sugar-free brewed tea for better health. Far many countries promote the intake of tea for the overall health and fitness of the body. Green tea has been the masterpiece of an everyday diet, and now it is getting replaced with the Yerba mate.

Tea boosts the physical fitness as when combined with exercise, as it gives the best results to stay healthy. Researchers are still exploring the catechins, those antioxidants present in tea to find its benefits for skin and health.

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