2 Scientifically Proven Benefits Of Foot Massage

foot massage

After a long day at work or a shopping trip or cleaning out your or just about any time where you had to spend the day on your feet, one wants nay needs, the best foot massager available on hand. Even a few minutes of massaging the feet can help one relax. This is particularly important when the feet have swollen up due to longs hours spend walking. The good news is that one can do their foot massage. For more Info glances through the blog-post. If you are wondering about the actual benefits of foot massages, then read on.

We all know that massaging the feet can relieve pain, but there are many other advantages to it, too. Some of them do not have any scientific proof to them, but doctors and therapists have recommended others. Today we discuss two benefits of foot massage that are backed by scientific research. The value of the massage can be seen either immediately after it or some weeks after the massage.
• For most people, life has become sedentary. We either sit on an office desk for hours or on a couch at home. This has made the muscles of our legs and feet unaccustomed to regular exercise. On top of this, most days our feet are enclosed in uncomfortable shoes. The lack of activity and tight fit of shoes reduces the blood circulation in our feet. A simple massage for twenty to ten minutes can significantly alter this. Before you go to bed, massage your feet to improve the circulation in the lower half of your legs and the foot region. If you suffer from diabetes, then it is even more vital to do so.
• The second benefit of foot massage that science proves is a decrease in anxiety and depression. Many surveys done on reflexology show that the art is not just about putting the mind, body, and soul in a relaxed state. A few sessions a week have shown patients with cancer less anxious. The technique of foot massage, reflexology, can be learned quickly and put into use on patients with depression and anxiety.

A point to note here is that there are many methods of foot massages. Each different technique offers their health benefits. It does not mean that what reflexology can do, will be applicable to acupressure too. For example, the traditional massage is generally used to relax the muscles and joints of the body. Aromatherapy is more useful to completely relax the body with its use of scented oil and serene music. It is more about the total immersion of all the senses.

Acupressure, on the other hand, can be used to better the overall health of the body and increase energy flow by putting pressure on specific points. And like we said, reflexology is about improving organ health. It does so by massaging particular areas of the foot. So choose the kind of foot massage you get done depending upon the need of your physical ailment.