Things You Can Enjoy At Old Montreal During Grand Prix Weekend

Besides enjoying the races during the weekend for the Grand Prix, this place offers innumerable entertainment and fun for visitors. Beyond offering superb F1 races, this place is a perfect location for a vacation. One can plan a good relaxing time while booking for the grand prix tickets as this century-old city provides many things to the travellers. To know more about the things you need do during the Grand Prix festivities, one can browse the website in order to enjoy a good vacation. The popular Ville de Montreal offers an abundance of things to do and places to visit for the regular FI race fans from all parts of the world.

Tourists can immerse themselves in the history of Montreal, by walking through Old Montreal. A visit to the city is said to be incomplete without experiencing a walk through it. Though small in area, this place has many attractions, historical buildings, and amazing tourist spots. The amazing Notre-Dame Basilica which houses the historical and musical pipe organ as well as the attractive stained glass that represents the history of this wonderful city.

When you think of food, Montreal has many things to offer for the FI enthusiasts who come to this breathtaking city from various parts of the globe. To satiate the taste buds of these food lovers, there are several types of foods available ranging from the food circuits such as Mangiafico’s mouth-watering pizzas to Café Olympico’s ice coffees. One should not miss eating the French fries that offer a unique taste.

F1 lovers who were disappointed in missing a thrill need not worry. The popular La Ronde Amusement Park awaits them get a perfect relaxation. Once served as a world fair, this park has a huge area of more than one hundred fifty acres and offers various rides for the tourists. Undoubtedly, this land of entertainment is sure to swing the moods of the F1 fans. Adults and kids can enjoy a ride on the popular the Goliath roller coaster. One should not miss visiting the famous Museé Grévin, a museum of wax which features the real-like renditions of celebrities from the silver screen as well the world leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Elizabeth II.

Tourists you travel to this magnificent Montreal to have a Montreal Grand Prix experience should not miss adding the things mentioned above and places in order to make the trip with a dual enjoyment. All that one has to do is to get away from the race-loving attitude to explore one of the world’s wonderful and historic city. To avoid disappointment, one has to plan well in advance and make the hotel bookings for a comfortable stay. By visiting these places, you are not only investing your money for F1 events but also for a lovely vacation in Old Montreal.

During a vacation, the best memory to keep is food, shopping and fun. Why wait? Take a trip to Montreal, and enjoy the vacation while having a nice time pampering yourself with food, fun and shopping.